It’s easy to get caught up in worry about the future. It’s even easier to hang on to the past. But to truly live in the moment, right here, right now – that is the greatest challenge. For me at least.

I find this to me most challenging during a hectic workweek. It is hard to leave a stressful day at work and not let it define my night. Or going to the gym in the morning and letting the overwhelming thought of the day ahead hold me back from my optimal workout. But those nights and mornings are so precious to me. They are the moments throughout a week that I live for with my husband. And those long days at work are where the majority of my life takes place, so why not try to make it the most enjoyable it can be.

I am learning and trying different ways to channel living in the moment. Even at work, nothing is as bad as it seems if you can just concentrate on the present, rather than letting the stress of what’s ahead set the tone for your next meeting or work conversation. Or letting the morning start from the failures or frustrations of yesterday. Here are a few ways below that I try to get my mind back on track when it drifts away from here and now.

  • Breath – Everyone says this and it seems so simple. But it is honestly hard to breath the right way when you are dwelling on what happened ten minutes ago or anxious about what is ten minutes ahead. Breath deep and breath long. I don’t believe there is only one way to do this – it is just to change your current breathing pattern to expand your lungs and calm your breathe.


  • Change Your State – I find this to be incredibly helpful. If you are in an intense meeting or sitting at your desk and read an upsetting email – just move! If you are sitting when you read the email then stand up. If you are crossing your legs in a meeting than uncross them. Maybe force a smile on your face (even though you are unhappy) – you may find that it brings you to a genuine smile or even a happy laugh at yourself. This truly shakes your body out of its current state to ground you back into the present.


  • Appreciate Something Simple – In general, I try to count my blessings and always stay thankful for the many privileges I have in my life. However, when you are not in the moment it is easy to lose sight of this. Try to think of something in your present setting that you can express gratitude towards. Not the typical, family or friends, but even simpler. Maybe it is the pen you are using that someone lent to you that day or the sun that is shining.