Creatives need creative breaks too. And I call them Vision Quests.

I cannot take credit for the name, that has to be a #shoutout to one of my old time teammates, Matt (you know who you are). But I will tell you what, when, why, where and how.

A Vision Quests is a judgement-free, sometimes silly and mostly-non-digital, creative journey with 2+ individuals full of creative thinking, wild exploration and lots of laughter.

VQ can take place at any time. I prefer to plan them towards the end of the day but the middle of the week. Enough of a chance to have warmed up at work a bit but gives a good shake of the creative juices before the week starts to get stale.

I feel that it is so important to stretch your mental, creative and physical muscles during a regular work week. We are so often living and working in such a digital, stressful world and we lose sight of the importance simple experiences have.

ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. Sometimes it can depend on the activity but I have done VQs in bars, office spaces, parks, etc.

I either come up with a fun random idea or I work the crowd and try to find something that will satisfy the team, in particular, that week. Maybe the team could use a new skill-set, or a good laugh, maybe a good lesson or just a cold beer.

Keep a lookout as I will start posting a few of the VQs I have organized in the past 🙂