1. Life is too short to stay mad, wag your tail often.
  2. Always greet people with enthusiasm and care, even if they were only gone for an hour. Imagine how that person will feel if you constantly are happy to see them.
  3. Bark loudly and you will get what you want. Okay, maybe not loudy – but persistently. Eventually, if you don’t give up, you will get what you want. That puppy-eyed look doesn’t hurt either.
  4. Rest. Play. REST. It is so important to take breaks and let your body relax.
  5. Act like you have no limits. Of course limits will set in – we are only human, but when you take that first step in the morning, or you lift one weight level up, or you add five extra things to the to-do list – tackle them head on as if you have no limits. You will do it stronger, better, harder. And your brain won’t tell you – you can’t. Because you can.

Those are just a few of the many things I have the pleasure of learning from my parents wonderfully silly and playful brindle boxer. Life is serious but we have to continue to learn to not take ourselves so seriously. Enjoy the ride, get a dog.

@DaveGaraffa – can we get a dog now?